What is a PEO ?

A PEO is a company that partners with small to medium-sized businesses to provide comprehensive HR services, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, regulatory compliance, tax filings, staff recruiting and training, and more.

Basically, a PEO functions as a company’s outsourced HR department, providing access to affordable expertise and services that the company would not be able to secure on its own.

EOR: An Alternative to a PEO

If a business does not wish to engage in a co-employment arrangement, or it does not want to outsource its entire HR function, partnering with a company that provides Employer of Record (EOR) services may be a better choice.

An EOR offers some services similar to a PEO. But an EOR becomes the full legal employer (not a co-employer) of a business’ payrolled workers, handling payroll, taxes, payroll compliance, benefits administration, unemployment claim reporting, and related tasks.

Payroll Services

PEOs process your payroll and manage the entire operation. So consider your automated deposits, one time payments, vacation and time off accrual. They manage it all. Not to mention the tax reporting and management process.

Benefits Administration

PEOs assist in providing small and mid-sized businesses access to benefits options they would not otherwise have access to, such as benefits administration, access to various plan designs, and the claims process. They can also provide access to medical, dental and vision coverage.

Human Resource management

Human resource consultants are provided by PEO’s to give their client company the tools to help manage and support the employees. From training and development to new hire packages and on-boarding processes and procedures. A PEO provides all of the support the client company would need to help in successfully on-boarding, training, and if necessary off-boarding of employees and everything in between.

Risk Management & Compliance

A PEO takes the burden of securing workers’ compensation coverage and places its client companies under their workers compensation classification code. As a result the client company can potentially reduce the their workers comp rates and overall premium costs. In addition, the risk department of a PEO also gives you access to risk management experts that review your companies safety procedures and recommend and assist in implementing safety measures to create a safe work environment for the employees.

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